No, there are no special skills needed. Building and dismantling an aluminum scaffold can be done by 1 person. 

No, our scaffolds are UL (USA) approved and EN approved (Europe), both standards exceed CSA

Fall protection is not needed with this scaffold. PPE is personal protection, and we recommend using that at all times

By using aluminum scaffold you will be able to transport and handle it your self. You will eliminate the use of ladders. 

In Canada it’s estimated that there are 14,000 workers injured by falling of a ladder. Annually there are also hundreds of injuries suffered by homeowners each year because of ladder accidents according to www.ohscanada.com


We have three options for renting: mid-week, week and monthly. Contact us for rates. 

We need one business day to complete and prepare your order. You can pick up yourself or have it delivered at extra costs.

Business hrs are Monday till Friday from 8 am till 4 pm


We buy our supplies in Europe, therefore guaranteeing the highest quality and craftmanship

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